The Valkyries - Book Review

I believe of all Paulo Coelho’s books, The Valkyries would make a good movie. It would be adventurous, magical and never miss a hint of true love. Upfront notes for why you shouldn’t read this one, because you wouldn’t see the message for what it is:

  1. If you don’t like fiction, don’t read.
  2. If you read too many of his books and start to feel bored of the same theme repeated over and over, don’t read. Because his writing is losing its magical effect of spirit-uplifting on you. Have a break for few months between his books. I have this feeling after reading consecutively 10/18 books of his.
  3. If you are skeptical about “magic, myths,… ” , read the most recommended one of his is enough – The Alchemist (book review here). For me, in a long journey of reading Paulo’s books, as well as his daily writing he shares on his blog (, I realized that he meant it when he said he learned about magic (he is a magus, whatever it really is I don’t know). But this is the point where some people get skeptical and don’t want to absorb his books anymore. But his books are still selling well and I still enjoy them. But yes, if you start to develop negative thoughts on any book, I think it’s smart to just drop the book. Why suffer reading something you don’t like?

But then, if you cannot identify yourself with none of the things listed above, then read on this review.


This book is particularly personal to the author. The main characters’ names are his and his wife’s, and the story involved his inner struggle prior to the publishing of The Alchemist. The Valkyries is about Paulo’s task assigned by his master: to find his Guardian Angel. He and his wife set off to the desert, searching and meeting people that would help him find his angel. The focus of the book, however, was not about Paulo. It was also about his wife and the valkyries. And that was what made the story a good learning and reading experience.


  1. THE VALKYRIES – A man’s search for meaning in life is important to his being.

Again in The Valkyries, readers will encounter the concept of Personal Legend. Valhala – leader of The Valkyries, who played a vital role in helping Paulo seek for his guardian angel, was another example of following Personal Legend. She realized her want for her life and left behind her husband and children, went into the desert alone and grew her own group of valkyries. “Affection … I really need affection” was a moment of weakness shown by Valhala to Paulo. Even a strong warrior feels weak at times. But those times do not stop her from fulfilling her mission in her life. We are alike to Valhala in many ways. Some walks we have to make alone towards our goal. And they can be lonely. But we still have to walk forward.

  1. THE VALKYRIES – Love is given and fought for as well.

Paulo’s wife is well aware of how difficult it is to keep their marriage alive. Despite her insecurities and tiredness, Chris chose to stay by his side and support him in every way. Even if it means she had to extend herself unwillingly. And she understood that Paulo had weak time when he fell for Valhala. But she still fought for him and believed that her love was the truest of all. I learned that if you don’t believe you can give someone the best love, you will eventually give him or her to someone else. As explained in The Road Less Travelled (M. Scott Peck), a psychological book, to love means to grow for both subjects in love. And that is why we should be open to take in our partner’s world as well.

  1. THE VALKYRIES – Love is a choice.

Chris didn’t understand Paulo’s world but she knew they were two different worlds apart. He was constantly in search of things, always agonising, thinking how Chris would be so at peace all the time, being satisfied with her life. And Chris knew Paulo would never sit still for a moment in his life. The contradiction between couple is a lovely subject to discuss. Some say you should choose someone like you, and some say the other thing around. Difference attracts. This book settles this once in for all. It is the empathy that connects people. Anyone who attempts to take on another path, which seems happy to those who walk on it, will find themselves lost and unhappy. It is important to believe you are capable of walking your own path.

This is some of the remarks I want to write about for a review of this book. I hope to read about your opinions on this one, and others on Paulo Coelho’s books as well. Comment below to share and connect!