I named my blog “Timely Reader” because “timely” means “happening at the best possible moment”. In a way, Timely Reader is about Serendipity.

I have experienced this magical moment many times when it comes to reading. Whenever I picked up a book, it always gave help me answer my questions about my life. I am curious and passionate about living. I make sure that my life is a story that I am willing and eager to tell my children and grandchildren about. And the books I have read fuelled my love for life every day. So I feel like I am in debt to the writers who have shared their lives through the pages. Thus, I want to help sharing my reading and living experiences with you. It is never too crowded for another blogger to blog, a writer to write. For the world needs more people to share their experiences and books to record them for generations to read.

Any aspiring reader who seeks to improve herself or himself through Books are a Timely Reader. The world is not changed for better through large movements. The world becomes a better place when the people living in it become better one by one. If on any day, by any chance, you stumble upon any post on this blog and feel so motivated to pick up a book and read; that will be my lucky and successful day of mine.

For that, this blog is dedicated for sharing and promoting a culture and a love for Reading. Expect to be updated with:

  • Books reviews
  • Reading lists
  • Motivational stories
  • Inspirational lives
No two persons ever read the same book. - Edmund Wilson

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