Paulo Coelho Complete Books Collection

For the first month of blogging for Timely Reader, if you have gone through all of my posts, you’ll notice that I blogged mainly about Spiritual reading and reviewed most books of Paulo Coelho. This is because I own almost all of his books. Hence, those books would be where I start first for this blog. Besides, I genuinely enjoy Paulo Coelho’s consistency in writing and the message he tries to pass on this life for his readers. For that, if you love him as much as I do, I put down here his entire books collection for you to hunt them down.

Why I love Paulo Coelho’s books so much …

I will give you a little bit of context here for one of my lucky times when it comes to reading. I have started Timely Reader for one month now, and at the same time, running other social platforms for it. Though I tried to keep things moderately, the work required can be overwhelming at times. For instance, the kind of pressure I get to kick start the blog right is to gain followers on Instagram, traffic to blog, etc … and barely have time to sit down and think about good content for the blog.

Still, at the heart of blogging or any successful social sites, is the content. The content needs to be genuinely good to create and maintain its own specific type of readers. Hence, I felt like I was spreading myself too thin and not focusing enough on the content. Those activities I worried about for the first month of blogging were Instagram followers, Facebook Page likes, etc.

And last night, when I couldn’t sleep, I reached over my bed head for a book. I chose The Winner Stands Alone of Paulo Coelho. The prologue went like this:

During the past few decades, we have lived in a culture that has privileged fame, money and power. Many of us have been led to believe that these were the only values worth pursuing

These words hit me so well, I could say they were my wake-up call. To compare, the number of likes and followers on social sites is like fame. We often judge the quality of the sites by how many people “follow” them. After reading this, I was relieved because I remembered why I started Timely Reader in the first place. It wasn’t because I seeked followers. I genuinely want to share my reading experience with my potential readers. Even if there is just one person reading this blog, I would still keep it running.

This experience with book is just one of many times when I found a book appeared to me at the right time. The timing was just precise. That is why I am a timely reader. And to be honest, Paulo Coelho’s books touch many fundamental aspects and questions we all have through out our lives. This is why you will find yourself a good book of his to relate to and enjoy with.

Paulo Coelho – Complete Books Collection

Note: His writings dated back to before the publication of his first book The Pilgrimage. But I will only list the ones after his first book here, a total of 18 books. I have reviewed some of his books and will continue to do so. Hence, I will update this post regularly.

  • 1987 – The Pilgrimage [read review]
  • 1988 – The Alchemist [read review]
  • 1990 – Brida [read review]
  • 1992 – The Valkyries [read review]
  • 1994 – By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept [read review]
  • 1996 – The Fifth Mountain [read review]
  • 1997 – Manual of the Warrior of Light [read review]
  • 1998 – Veronika Decides to Die [read review]
  • 2000 – The Devil and Miss Prym [read review]
  • 2003 – Eleven Minutes [read review]
  • 2005 – The Zahir [read review]
  • 2006 – Like the Flowing River [read review]
  • 2006 – The Witch of Portobello [read review]
  • 2008 – The Winner Stands Alone [read review]
  • 2010 – Aleph [read review]
  • 2012 – Manuscript Found in Accra [read review]
  • 2014 – Adultery [read review]
  • 2016 – The Spy [read review]

Enjoy reading and share in the comment below what you think about his books with me.