Manual of the Warrior of light - Book Review

Among the books of Paulo Coelho, some are collective teachings. And one of my most favourite of his is Manual of the Warrior of Light. If you have read enough of Paulo Coelho, you will see that he is obsessed with the metaphors of Good Fight, Warrior of Light, Personal Legend, etc. These represent a person who fights for his or her dream. Specifically in this book, it sums up all what the author has learned through out his life, in the pursuit of his dream of being a writer. To his realisation, anyone who pursues dreams will all go through the same experiences. Voila, so here I am extracting some of his words of wisdom from Manual of the Warrior of Light. You can take a look and see if this is the book you have been hunting down for the next book shopping round.

Any negative reviews of Manual of the Warrior of Light?

It is important to note this crucial detail since I have read some negative reviews on the book. I remembered reading that said that the book was “lazily written. It is like he (the author) just threw  in a bunch of his narcissistic beliefs and call them a book …”. This is probably because the book has no story-line. Each teaching is extremely concisely written within 1 – 2 pages. And it is metaphorical as well. Therefore, it is not for readers who have not been through what the teachings presented. I concluded this way because I had asked some of my friends to read the book, and they struggled to make sense of it. But I soon found out the reason my friends struggle to understand the book is because they have not not departed on the journey of pursuing their dreams (or even know what their dreams are).

So when is the best scenario to read Manual of the Warrior of Light?

I believe it is when you have been struggling with the pursuit of your dream. When you feel weak and alone, probably starting to doubt yourself a lot as well. Hence, when you read this book, you will understand that you are the Warrior of Light and whatever you have been going through is meant to build you up. Then, you will restore the belief in yourself, for many others have made their dreams come true, and you will true one day.

What do I praise Manual of the Warrior of Light so much?

Sometimes, I keep notes of any detail that I can relate to from a book and stick them in between the pages. For the Manual of the Warrior of Light, I can relate so much to it that I couldn’t keep writing notes down. This is a 267-pages book, with about 89 teachings. It would take me forever to finish the book. But I guarantee you each and every teaching of the book is worth every second of your time.

Top teachings from Manual of the Warrior of Light that help improve my life:

A warrior takes every opportunity to teach himself.
The warrior of light sometimes fight with those we love.
The warrior of light knows that certain moments repeat themselves.
A warrior of light is never predictable. A warrior does not spend his days trying to play the role others have chosen for him.
The warrior of light does not worry that, to others, his behaviour might seem quite mad.
Although I have been through all that I have, I do not regret the many hardships I met, because it was they who brought me to the place I wished to reach.

Now, you should go read Manual of the Warrior of Light.

These are some of the teachings I feel connected with. Ever since I was 12 years old, I have always been wondered to myself “What is it that I want to do with my life?”. And it has been 12 years for me to try out many things, to test myself out and to pick “a battle” to fight with at this point. I can’t count all the nights that I spent doubting or giving myself pep talks. But having been through all that came, I am now grateful for the failures and the negative feelings. I believe both the bad and good make who we are.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I have. As I mentioned in other posts that I have 18 books of Paulo Coelho. So bear with me, I’m gonna review many more of his books. But if you love him as I do too, it is never too much of an author to read about. A part of my reading habit is that once I adore an author, I will want to discover his or her writing career. Because through their works, you can see how their perspectives in life alter through time, how they mature.

So comment below your most favourite teachings of the Manual of the Warrior of Light and why you connect with them.