Brida - Book Review

You know what I dislike most about Paulo Coelho’s books? It is the fact that the author himself learns about magic, but his descriptive writing is not that magical. Therefore, through out the books that talk about magic, I didn’t see much magical stuffs. So if you expect any unicorn, wand spell, etc, like those in Harry Potter series, don’t. You won’t find those in Paulo Coelho’s books. Some of his books that used a plot of magical representation are Brida, The Witch of Portobello, The Valkyries. And for this post, I am gonna review the book Brida. What you can expect from this 266-pages book are romance, magical learning, soulmate searching. But on top of all, this book is like many others of Paulo Coelho, talks about one’s journey in discovering one’s self, by overcoming fears and embracing love.

Now, you know what I like most about Paulo Coelho’s books? They teach you how to approach Learning. And though Learning, you can evolve so much in life. Before I go deeper into this point, I think it is better that I touch a bit on the story-line of Brida.

So what story Brida has to convey?

Brida is a charming Irish girl who searches for Knowledge through learning magic. On her journey, she has two teachers who teach her the Tradition of the Sun (Magus) and the Moon (Wicca). The question that Brida needs to find answer to is that whether one is capable of balancing between the need for self-improvement and relationships. In order to answer this question, she learns to conquer her Fears and choose her Soulmate, who will best fit into her life.

But how will I know who my Soulmate is? ... By taking risks, she said to Brida, by risking failure, disappointment, disillusion, but never ceasing in your search for Love. As long as you keep looking, you will triumph in the end.

Best things Brida has taught me

Brida has more than one Soulmate in her life.

I won’t tell you who are Brida’s soulmates. You need to find out by reading the book. But after reading it, I believe each of us has more than one soulmate through out our life. There is a definition of soulmate you can find online that says soulmate is the one who will challenge us, destroy us in some way. Soulmate is someone who can bring out the best in us by bringing out the worst in us. When we talk about finding our soulmate, we focus on finding the one who makes us feel at peace, feel good about our self. But when love is true, it requires both partners to grow together, and growing is painful in some ways. Therefore, it is not always about how happy you can be with someone. But it is about how you can both help each others grow, encourage each others and fight to be with one another. The key is to be open to Love. Accept Love and give Love. Otherwise, you are blinding yourself from meeting your soulmates.

Love is a choice. But it doesn’t mean Brida loves the other any less than the chosen soulmate.

Love is a choice. It is always a choice. We don’t cross each others’ paths accidentally. In other words, we are meant to meet at some point in life, and by our choice, we either stay together or bid our goodbyes. There is no right choice but the most suitable one to our current situation. The key is you have to understand yourself in terms of your wants and needs. If you know which path you will travel on, you will know how to choose the right companion that can help you through it. To me, Brida’s choice seemed difficult. One soulmate is extremely resourceful that can help her evolve greatly, who understands her completely. And the other one can offer her comfort, trust, peace and encouragement, but cannot participate much in her practise. If you were Brida, which one would you choose?

If you are to learn from someone, be open and don’t doubt your teacher, just like Brida did.

A teacher is a learning tool. And with a tool, you need to use it the right way to exploit all its potentials to your benefit. When a teacher guides you to do something, you should leave room for your own discovery. Through discovering the learning yourself, along with teacher’s guidance, you will find the best way things work for you. This is how you will gain confidence in your learning. Though many before you may have stated the learning outcomes of specific things, none has stated YOUR learning outcome. This is why learning is always new and things will always evolve, because each of us learns things differently. Hence, you should be open to your learning, and own your outcome.

So if you have read the book, comment below what you think. If you have not, I hope you will read it then come back and tell me your thoughts. Either way, I love to know what you think about Brida.