If you know about or love Quotefancy, I believe you would love this post too. I love having Quotefancy as my desktop wallpapers. But I would love them better if there were book quotes on them. That way I feel even more connected with my hobby – Reading.

Why I love desktop wallpapers with quotes so much …

Every time I open my laptop and work, these wallpapers always give me a refreshing feeling. I downloaded all kinds of topics (Work Motivation, Courage, Integrity, Love). Whenever I get distracted while working on laptop, I am reminded by these quotes. that would tell me  It is like I have a friend there to remind me, saying “Hey, let’s get this work done today.”

Why you may want to set book quotes as your desktop wallpaper …

We book lovers are obsessed with anything related to books. It can be the smell of the old pages, the rugged cover of the books, the tall bookshelves stacked with the worlds within the pages, etc … you get the idea! It is never enough to indulge our self in the world of the books. All book lovers have once in their life wish to turn their house into a library. And with the bookstagram on Instagram, we love to emerge in books digitally too. Why not set book photos as our laptop wallpapers? We spend most of our time working, playing around on the computer right? By the way, I’m on Instagram as @timely.reader, let’s stay connected there too. 

So, here I redesign the wallpaper with BEST BOOK QUOTES from The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho). These are short quotes only. There are meaning paragraphs but it is a pity for I cannot put long text into the design. If you want to download the photos, just click on it to enlarge and save it to your computer. The unedited stock images are from

If you want to make these photos your phone wallpapers or post it on Instagram, I have crop them specifically for just that. Scroll down to the end of the post and download now!

Instagram Book Quotes

Phone Wallpapers