4 reasons to read spiritual books now

2014 – 2016 was a turbulent period in my life and I was exhausted in every way. For that, I believe my exhaustion triggered the need for anything that would give me back motivation. I have not been reading during this period of my life as well so I took sometimes off for myself and picked up reading again. One of the first spiritual books I picked up was The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho). I read it back in 2011 and to re-read in 2016, brought me different realisations that actually helped with my situation at the time.

I proceeded on finding more books that can help me with my confusions at the time. Hence, during my trip to Thailand, I bought all books of Paulo Coelho and some others, which later did a tremendous job on my spiritual and personal growth. I was glad that my travel luggage was full of about 20 books when I flew back to Vietnam. Therefore, I would love to encourage you to at least for once, try this Spiritual Genre as a reader.


So by dictionary, Spiritual means “relating to deep feelings and beliefs, especially religious beliefs” (Cambridge Dictionary) and “of, relating to, consisting of or affecting the spirit” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). And in Spiritual Genre, there are many styles of writing, including Biography, Fiction, Memoir, Personal Development, Scholarly, Self-help, Workbooks. With all these characteristics,  Spiritual Books convey messages that are about meaningful activities, personal growth, blissful experiences or re-formation of personality. Some of the related genres are Religion and New Age.


  1. Spiritual books help your Soul grow.

    There are hundreds of books published every year that tell you how to develop your skills, your business, your relationships, etc. But we all know that everything begins with OUR SELF. If our mentality, physicality and emotional state are not well, all things around us will start to deteriorate. And spiritual books focus on just that, helping you “see” yourself better and find a way to develop yourself.

  2. Spiritual books make you become a person with Faith.

    Now if I say that you will become more spiritual, your first impression is that “I will become more religious.” And this impression is not an appeal to any rational, analytical or scientific minds. I did not like this idea at first because I am truly rational and 80% based on facts and data all the time. But still, I cannot deny that at times, I pressed myself to move forward out of the belief that things would be better, though all odds were against me. However, without this belief, I think no one will have the will to carry on the days, when things are bad. So it is important to cultivate Faith in your life.

  3. Spiritual books help your relationships improve.

    After I read The Road Less Travelled – A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth, I acknowledge that life is truly a mirror in terms of what I give I receive. I learned how to treat people with Love, and most importantly, to treat myself with Love. Ever since reading the book, I found peace in relationships around me, even at times when they do things that annoy me, I would still be patient and calm, and be able to respond with Love.

  4. Spiritual books make you more persevering.

    To grow is a painful process. Just imagine after you have an operation, your wound begins to heal and it hurts too much you have to take pain-killer pill. This is the same with growth as an individual. Thus, with spiritual books, you will acknowledge that to be happy, to be successful, it is rather a process that promises sufferings. But with each challenge conquered, you will feel whole and learn to live life with perseverance, without fear and regret. Remember this, it is easy to wake up and choose just any job that pay your bills. But it is a fight to pursue the work that you love waking up doing, knowing that you make values everyday to others and to yourself.


With a bit of searching on Google or Goodreads, I believe you can comprise a reading list for yourself. So I am not here to select, copy and paste the list for you. I will only recommend the books that I have read and regarded as influential to me. I hope they would have the same effects on you. And here is the list [will be updating this list later].