4 challenges you will face when follow your dream

It is 11.29 PM on July 1st 2017, meaning half a year has gone by. Many of you may have accomplished great things for the past six months. Many of you may have not done anything you would feel good about. But you know what? It is ok. Recently, three of my friends vented about their concerns and loneliness while pursuing their dreams. N – is my female friend who quit university while in sophomore year to pursue her baking career. P – is an old friend of mine who is now in Australia, working as waiter and trading currency at night to generate capital for his future project in fitness. And L – a new friend who also quit university while in senior year studying in Australia, to come back to Vietnam and launch his own designed clothing. What they all have in common is the loneliness and objections from beloved ones. Which I personally understand for I am going through the very same problems of chasing down my dream.

So tonight, I will blog about the Courage To Follow Your Dream. During June, I have blogged mainly about Paulo Coelho and his books. I guarantee that if you need a book to give you motivation to believe in your dream, choose his. In this edition of the photo of The Alchemist, there is an introduction written by the author himself. In the introduction, he mentioned four obstacles one would face if one pursues one’s dream.

1st obstacle of realising a Dream – The universal lie of “It’s impossible”

Everyone has these moments of remarks from friends, family and nearly everybody else, saying that “It’s impossible”, “It can’t be done” (Or what they really mean is it cannot be done by You). And yes, we were foolish enough to believe that we were not capable of doing it, or even meant to do it. We have been told so often, that whatever desire we have, we kill it before we even say it out to anyone. But the desire is still buried deeply inside our heart. What we need to do to overcome this obstacle is to acknowledge our desire, dream, ambition, goal, etc or whatever you call it.

2nd obstacle of realising a Dream – “If you love me, don’t do it”

A begging, worrying, dreading face of our beloved ones is not what we want to see. Especially when we are the one who is blamed of putting that face on them. To be honest, we never want to hurt anyone. Imagine if you don’t love someone anymore but postpone breaking up with that person, because you fear you might hurt him or her with the truth. It is not a good decision, the truth will prevail eventually and that person is gonna get hurt no matter what. Understand that out of fear or misguided love, loved ones sometimes beg us to abandon our dream. They fear that we will end up poor, lost, unfamous, unloved. But true love will not prevent us from following what we believe. Because true love knows that only by doing so would we be happy with our life.

3rd obstacle of realising a Dream – “What if I fail …”

In fact, there is a guarantee of failures during your path. You may succeed first, fail later, if you are luckily. Or you may fail so many times you lost count and then one day, you hit the jack pot. There are so many role models out there in the world who have made their journeys through and still on them. I’m not saying you should risk everything for your dream. I’m saying going after your dream with a game plan. Don’t just hit it wildly. No one wins a battle out of luck alone, it requires a strategy. So it is absolutely ok if you fail, and you will fail at some point. Like J.K Rowling has said :”It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.”

4th obstacle of realising a Dream  – “Each man kills the thing he loves.” (Oscar Wilde)

Imagine you are admitted to a university you have been working hard for, but it is half the world away from home. You look at your mother, she is sad because that means you would leave home. Suddenly, you forget about the joy, the hardship, the sleepless nights you spent studying. So now you choose to stay home to make your mother happy and go to a local college instead. But this college does not inspire you. Still, you believe you made a good decision, because after all, your mother is happy. This is wrong. Just because someone else has worked as hard as you do but do not get what you earn for yourself, it does not mean you are not worthy of taking it and be proud of it. Believe that you deserve every bit of what you fight for is crucial.


4 challenges face when follow dream

Now that you know what you will face up against in order to realise and pursue your Dream, I truly hope you will go after it. My friend and I have finished our conversation by now for tonight. We reached an agreement that we are fighting A Good Fight. Thus, we will continue to be courageous and follow our dreams. Which obstacles are you facing now on your journey? Share in the comment below.